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Monday, December 17, 2012

My Baby's Heartbeat Bear Review

I received a My Baby's Heartbeat Bear for review. This special bear is unique as it contains YOUR BABY'S HEARTBEAT, not yours.

The My Baby's Heartbeat Bear kit includes a small plastic heart that is the heartbeat recorder. It is super easy to use. You take the heart to your obgyn appointment and as your doctor listens to your baby's heartbeat, you record it onto the heart. There are two settings on the heart, record and play. To record, you need to make sure is set to "record". Squeeze the heart, you will see a red light (keep squeezing until you are done recording~ you can record up to 15 seconds). If you are happy with the recording, you set the switch to "play". **It is recommended to tape the switch to stay in play mode~ if it is changed to record mode, your baby's heartbeat will be erased from the heart. If you are not happy, you can just record again by using the same method.

I had fun doing the recording. I have an awesome doctor who is very patient and he helped me get a good recording. He thought it was pretty neat too. I had to record twice because I wasn't happy with the first one. The heartbeat was too low and I couldn't hear it that well. Make sure to hold the heart as close as possible to the sound of the heartbeat. If you do that, I am sure you will be happy with the outcome. Remember the heart goes into the bear so it has to be loud enough to be heard through the stuffing of the bear. Mine cam eout perfect. You can easily hear it, but it is not too loud.
My daughters love the bear, it is so special to them and they still like to listen to the baby's heartbeat, even though their sister has been born. The bear is super soft and cuddly too!

The My Baby's Heartbeat Bear would make a wonderful baby shower gift!

These adorable heartbeat bears (and other animals~check them out) can be purchased for $35 at MyBabysHeartBeatBear.com
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Disclosure: I received a My Baby's Heartbeat Bear for free, in order to construct a review. No compensation was made. All opinions are mine.

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