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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Along came a spider...

Ahhh. I was enjoying some peaceful sleep the other night when my husband jumped out of his skin! He is a light sleeper and I am glad! He woke up on time to kill THIS!

It was crawling on him with me in it's path! We collected this creapy crawly and put it in a ziploc bag to examine. YUP...a brown recluse! A venomous spider! Luckily, these spiders are not aggressive. They tend to only bite when they are messed with or are pressed against the skin(ex: under a banket!!) Thanks goodness my husband kicks his blanket off at night. This is the third brown recluse I have found in my house this week. Does anyone else have a recluse problem? Solution?? I get the jitters every time I see one of these! I am starting to HATE spiders!! EEEKKKK ~Jessi

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  1. I cannot see the image you posted of the spider. I found myself wanting to see it, yet not wanting to at the same time. I detest spiders...so very much!! I had took a shower and afterward my husband was in there came out and asked me how I never noticed the spider that was in the corner of the wall above the shower!! I freaked out and never get in until I check the corners, lol :))