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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Combat Source Kill Max Ant Gel/Bait Traps *Review & #Giveaway*

I recently moved in to a new house...now I'm not going to lie, this house was infested with spiders and ants. Each and every room had a bunch of spiders and there were ants in the kitchen, dining room and living room. The house sat vacant for a little over two years before we moved in so the critters made it there home.

I was excited to review Combat Source Kill Ant Gel and also the Combat Source Kill Ant Bait Traps. I had never tried either of these before, but had used other brands. I was able to reduce the amount of ants I was seeing, but I was never really satisfied. I don't want ANY ants in my house!
I placed the bait traps in a couple kitchen cabinets and also on the counters, where I saw the most ants. I didn't notice a difference right away, but within a week, I noticed a huge decrease in ants. I ended up using the gel after a week of using just the bait traps because there were still ants. I put a very small amount of gel near the cracks of the window because I found a trail of ants there. I figured they were making their way in through the windows. I was right. 

We live in a heavily wooded area so I know there will always be an ant or two. BUT, I am very happy with the outcome of using these two products. I rarely see an ant in the house and I know Combat will be the brand I buy next summer, when/if the ants come back.

Good news....One of my readers is going to win a box of Combat Source Kill Ant Kit, like the one I received!

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  1. The Ants are living around my House and in my Walls, ever since the did the foundation work the Ants are forming nest's in the recent mud that they put back in place I have tried other options, but they are only temporary. My Dog is allergic to Ant's also.

  2. Everywhere! ahhhH!! I hate it when they get the food

  3. I have found them in the foyer, kitchen, dining room, family room.... and bathroom of all places!

  4. They are in my MIL's kitchen - I want to win for her! Anne Sweden

  5. they enjoy coming into my daughters room where we change her diapers and they like to come in the den...sometimes in our laundry room too...they love to come in when it rains

  6. WE live near pine trees, we were told they nest in the trees and come into the house to get food and then back to the nests