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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pourty Potty, the potty that pours! *A POTTY TRAINING MUST HAVE* (review)

My baby girl will be 2 in just a few days. We have started potty training...I got some cute undies for her, we take frequent potty breaks and she seems to be getting the hang of it.

I was so excited to be able to review a fairly new product called the Pourty Potty, the potty that pours. Before this review product arrived, we were using a multi-piece potty. For those of you who have potty trained and used one of these, you know that it needs to be taken apart and cleaned each and every time it is used because pee gets trapped under the cushion and it could create an undesirable smell in your bathroom.

The Pourty Potty is a one piece design made of a hard durable plastic. It is just the right size (a lot smaller than every other potty I have ever seen) for her to sit down on and it s just wide enough for her bum to fit comfortably on it. The one piece design allows me to clean up in no time. Simply hold the potty using the handle (the hole in the front of the seat, pictured above) and pour the pee/poo out the backside, where the spout is located. If your tot pees, cleaning is a breeze...just rinse and you are done. If your tot poos( which I haven't had the chance to experience yet), you may need to add a bit of soapy water and rinse a few times. I disinfect often as well, but there is no taking anything apart required, which saves a lot of time. I just spray some disinfectant into the potty, let it dry and it's ready for the next use.

This seat is fantastic! This is a MUST HAVE POTTY TRAINING PRODUCT! I can not stress how much this potty has made our potty training experience a better one. No wonder this potty has won awards and is rated 5/5 stars in reviews!

Want some really awesome news? This potty is super affordable! These sell for just $14.95! That is cheaper than many other pottys and the quality and convenience blows the others away!
 The Pourty Potty comes in 4 colors ~ Blue, Pink, Purple and White.

You can purchase a Pourty Potty online at Amazon.com, Kmart, Babies 'R' Us, and lots of other online retailers! Check out the Pouty Potty website for more info!

**Disclosure~ The product(s) in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.


  1. These look AWESOME!!! We just have the seat that goes on the toilet for Cade because I didn't want to have to fight with pouring the potty seat into the toilet and having it make a mess.

  2. i won one of these in a giveaway, and we LOVE ours. it really is quite tiny, doesn't get in the way, and its comfortable for my son to sit on. also, they claim it has an "anti-drip lip to prevent unpleasant dribbles" and thats totally true!

  3. these are so cute, but I'm sure glad we are through the potty training

  4. This looks so easy to use, thanks for sharing it. Love the colors too.

  5. I've read a lot about these. My niece has one but hasn't started using it for her daughter yet. She received as a gift

  6. Another great invention AFTER my girls have grown :) I'm so happy they are coming out with these great products for you young moms :)

  7. I love the pour spout and the colors.

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  8. What a neat idea!I like the idea of one solid chair,for easy clean-up! I also light the bright colors!