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Monday, June 11, 2012

Montgomery County Schools Districts Personal Data Accessed???

I received a voice mail AND this email this morning...

The School System has been alerted that hackers have accessed personal data of students and employees. A 911 call was made just before noon on Sunday to the Clarksville Police Department that 110,000 records had been hacked into. The Police Department contacted CMCSS, which deployed its technology specialists to begin investigating what might have been accessed. It has been determined that a group of hackers has made a direct threat with plans to release a portion of the data. All school system websites have been shut down. CMCSS is seeking outside expertise in additional web security, and have requested law enforcement assistance. The Clarksville Police Department, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have all been contacted. Naturally, we are very concerned about this attack on our password protected information and will do everything within our power to resolve the issue. Meanwhile, it is recommended that individuals closely monitor their financial accounts. …

Now, I'm not too sure what exactly they may have accessed, when it comes to me and my families information...but it's kinda freaking me out!

Has anything like this happened to you before? What should I keep an eye out for?

Any and ALL comment are appreciated!


  1. Well, I bet they have all the information you have given to the school. Like yours and your child's ssn and where you live, etc. don't know if you've given them any information regarding your financial accounts. I'd keep an eye on things that seem fishy. Like a weird email or mail. If you use credit or debit cards just keep checking your bill online if possible. I'm sure you already knew this but thought I'd remind you. I hope they get this resolved before anything is released.

  2. This is scary. When I enrolled my daughter in public school, I didn't give her social security number. It wasn't mandatory, and I didn't volunteer it. The school never asked me for mine or my husband's either, so if you never gave yours out, you might be okay. I also never gave my date of birth nor my husbands. Do they have any of that info? Call whoever you bank with and may have credit cards with and let them know what happened. They will help you decide what is the best way to handle it.