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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color *Review*

While at Walmart the other day, I noticed a new product from Sally Hansen. I am already a fan of their nail polish...but the nail polish I just discovered was something new...something I have never seen. Sally Hansen introduced an awesome way to design your plain nail polish with a ripple look, without difficulty.

I guess this has become quite popular already, because they were sold out of every color except the purple. 
I bought the polar purple magnetic nail color :)
Magnet is included and is directly on top of the lid

I admit, I am such a dork...when I saw this was a magnetic nail polish, I expected metal things to want to cling to your nails when you had it on.lol I know...laugh all you want! It is actually a nail polish that you apply and while drying, you place a magnet (included) near it for 10 seconds and it creates a neat ripple look.

I have been waiting for a day to finally get to sit down, and treat myself to this new product. That day hasn't happened. I decided to do my 7 year old daughters nails. She expected the nail polish to be magnetic too, so when she saw what happened when we removed the magnet from on top of the nail, her jaw dropped! We both were amazed at how awesome (and easy to use) this product is!

A few photos to show off her pretty nails!

 Keep in mind this is my first time using it. If you look closely, there are some minor flaws.

One complaint that I have to point out is the size or structure of the magnet. It is a bit small, so on her larger nails, it was hard to get the effect on the whole nail. I found myself moving the magnet side to side, to try and even it out. I think it would be great if this had a contoured magnet! I'd like to see more colors too! Although they have 8 colors, I'd like to see some lighter, not so bold colors.

The polish dries pretty quick, which is an awesome feature in my book! :)

You should definitely check these out!

Click here to learn more about this product
You can purchase these for $9.99 each. I personally think that is too high. It is a great product but $10? Too high. I may buy another, but it wont be for a while. Anyways, I will make this one last!

**Disclosure: I purchased this product myself. No monetary compensation was made. All opinions are mine and mine alone and they may differ from yours.

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