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Monday, December 19, 2011

Satellite TV

This guest post from Margaret Mills
I got satellite television wichita when I moved here so I could watch my soaps and wouldn’t you know it, they just about cancelled them all. I thought I’d be good to keep watching Guiding Light and All My Childrenbut there’s just about no shows that are still on TV that I want to watch. Even The OC, my favorite night time soap opera type show is off the air for good! I’ve gotten really into reality shows like the Real Housewives as a replacement but they don’t feel as interesting – they make me feel kind of dirty to be honest. My husband says they’re frying my brain but whatever, he can’t tell me what to watch. He sits in front of the TV watching football ALL weekend so it’s not like he’s got the best taste in shows at the end of the day, anyway! I love relaxing with my stories but I wish the more traditional ones were still on the air like they were when I was younger.

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