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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Moving to New York

Contribution by Stevie Kirby
The decision to move to New York was an easy one for me. I’ve been obsessed with everything about New York since I was a child—the lights, the all night diners, the endless opportunities to see live music and shows. I knew that when I graduated from college I would end up there. Convincing my parents was another issue. My mom worried about everything possible for months before I moved. She emailed me articles on crimes, and the bleak job market, and tirades about how confusing the subway system is on a semi-daily basis. My dad was the easier one to convince, surprisingly. He was concerned about more logistical issues—where I’d live, where I’d work, and how I would possibly afford to live in such an expensive city. We did all of our homework in the months before I left, and I felt completely prepared for my new life in New York. I found a great apartment in Brooklyn that I could afford and still eat, I landed a great job, and thanks to my dad’s insane research skills I found a way to make New York Energy Rates very affordable. My mom told me to use the money I saved to buy some pepper spray. Point taken, Mom.

Disclaimer~This is a sponsored post.

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