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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sending our daughter off with a great dorm room(Guest Post)

Guest post written by Angela Reese
One of the things that I thought about as soon as it was the last month before my daughter was going to start college was her dorm room. I had to think about that because I just love interior decorating and knew that it would be a really good chance for her to have fun with it and try out some new decor.
While I was online trying to find some really good deals on bedding, which is the foundation for dorm room decorations, I ran across the website www.CLEARwirelessinternet.com. After I looked through it some and thought it over, I decided to change over my home internet service to the provider. We had been shopping around for a new internet service anyway.
We found a really cute little reversible comforter for her to use, which would be good for whenever she gets tired of one side or would just like to change things up some. We also found some really neat storage ideas that we're going to try out for all of her clothes, which is what I'm most worried about fitting into that dorm room.

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