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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wordless Wednesday~ Puppies!

My 3 year old(almost 4) chihuahua decided to become a mommy again. I am not too happy this time around because it was not planned and the male is not a chihuahua. He is of some other small breed, but not a chihuahua. We are planning on moving soon and having 4-6 more dogs(puppies for that matter) is going to make moving a lot more difficult. Puppies are a lot of work! I know my Sugar will take care of them the most, but it is my responsibility to get their shots and make sure they find a good home.
Now, for those of you who ask...why didn't you get her fixed...here is my reason. We plan to own a home one day and when that happens, we wanted to keep one of Sugars puppies. Right now we are renting and it is hard to find a rental that allows pets. There was one time, we wanted to rent a really nice home andwe found out(at the last minute) NO PETS were allowed. I refused to get rid of Sugar and a miracle happened. They agreed to let us move in with our Sugar! It usually doesn't happen like that.

Well, sooner than later, we will have puppies!! I will post pictures of them for you all to see.
Thanks for reading! :)

Sugar Mama

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