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Saturday, March 17, 2012

We're Expecting!!! And it's not just one...or two...

I have been an ultra cranky, extremely tired and stressed mama lately. I find myself nodding off during the day, and that is not normal. Little things are irritating, that normally wouldn't. I have been cleaning a lot and organizing things into containers.

Anyways...on to the good news...WE'RE EXPECTING! I am so excited to share with you...my onion is pregnant! We are going to be having lots of onion babies. This is her second time being pregnant and I'm so excited for her babies!

Look at that big ol' bump poppin' open!! Those babies want out!!

Oh, by the way...the first paragraph has nothing to do with this pregnancy. We are searching for a new house (we have to be out of this one by April 6th) and we are having a hard time finding one in our price range. Organizing things into containers...yep, I'm packing :)

**We have found ONE place in our price range and we already submitted our ($50)Application. We will find out if we are approved on Monday. All prayers are greatly appreciated!**
With God, all things are possible!


  1. good luck with the house hunt


  2. Good luck with the house... we are right there with you on having to find a place... I shall keep you in my prayers.

  3. Prayers sent up! Great intro :)

  4. Great! From the title I thought YOU were pregnant with triplets!! OMG