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Friday, July 8, 2011

Fruit and Rice Cakes! {simple recipe}

Wild Blueberry Rice Cakes & Fruit
  1. Rice Cakes (any flavor)
  2. Strawberry cream cheese
  3. One banana(sliced)
  4. Three Strawberries(sliced)
  5. Handful of Blueberries

Easy Directions
  1. Spread cream cheese on rice cakes
  2. Place a slice of banana on top of cream cheese
  3. Put a dab of cream cheese on top of banana
  4. Place a strawberry on top on cream cheese
  5. Put a dab of cream cheese on top of strawberry
  6. Top with a blueberry


This is such a simple yet delicious and healthy snack! We eat these all the time! You can mix and match any fruit you'd like. They always come out yummy. Happy snacking!

If you have any healthy recipes you'd like me to try or to share on my blog, feel free to email me at greenmamajama@yahoo.com. I'd love to try them :)

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