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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mother-ease Cloth Diapers *Review*

When I started cloth diapering, I used pockets because that's what I was introduced to. Since then, I learned there are many, many options when you cloth diaper. Out of curiosity, I contacted Mother-ease Cloth Diapers to do a review on their diapers. I was given the option to choose what system I wanted to review. I chose the Unbleached Cotton Sandy's Diaper& Liner (size Lg) with the Oceans2 Air Flow Snap Cover (size Med/Lg) .
When I got the package in the mail, my first impression was that the Sandy's Diaper was super soft and well made. The Air Flow Snap Cover seemed a bit big to me. After washing them, I put the Sandy's Diaper on Moo Moo. I loved the fit of this diaper! It clung to her thighs but not too tight. Great fit around the waist too. Then I put the Air Flow cover on...as soon as I buttoned it closed, she said Owwie and pointed to her thigh.(to my surprise because I thought it would be big on her) She seemed really uncomfortable so I decided to go without the cover this time around.(It was also past her bedtime and she was a bit cranky)

Moo Moo wearing a size Lg Unbleached Cotton Sandy's Diaper

Moo Moo wearing a size Med/Lg Oceans2 Air Flow Cover over the Sandy's Diaper

I noticed the Sandy's Diaper got softer with every wash. I ended up pairing the Sandy's Diaper with a homemade diaper cover and had no leaks. The absorbancy is great! I did attempt to use the Air Flow cover a couple more times but was unsuccessful. It was too tight for comfort. Although she only weighs 25 lbs, Moo Moo has chunky thighs and this isn't the first time I had a problem with diapers fitting in that area.  I will be using the Sandy's Diaper throughout the rest of Moo Moo's potty training days and saving it for BuBu. I will  be saving the Air Flow for BuBu too because she is a skinnier baby than Moo Moo and I am sure it will fit nicely when she is big enough. The Air Flow Snap Cover in size Meg/Lg is made to fit 20-27 lbs. There are a bunch of colors and prints to choose from. Mother-ease Cloth Diapers also carries Swim diapers! Look at all the cute prints!

You can find more diapering accessories such as wipes, liners, wet bags HERE

Overall, I thought this was a great diaper system and will be making a purchase in the future.

Mother-ease Cloth Diapers provided me with a Sandy's Cloth Diaper and an Air Flow Snaps Cover for a review. I was not compensated in any other way for writing this review. All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.


  1. I am following you from the Monday Monkey Hop... I got to tell you I LOVE my Mother-Ease cloth diapers. I have used them through all three of my daughters, and they are holding up exceptionally well!!

  2. I love the Sandy's Fitted! But my favorite MotherEase diaper is their AIO. It's amazingly absorbant and fits very very well! Love the side snaps too!

  3. Hi! Great review! Thanks for linking up on my Alexa hop and writing a review of my site on Alexa! I'm heading over there now to return the favor! :) If you ever want to be featured on my site for Meet Me Monday, please let me know! :) http://slopswap.com/2011/07/04/meet-me-monday-looking-for-bloggers/