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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pregnant Onion Babies

Babies, Babies, Babies. My life is revolving around babies. In just a couple days, my Baby will be 1 year old! My chihuahua just had three babies....and now, my onion just revealed 5 babies! I'm telling you...something is going on around here!!

Have you heard of an onion having babies? Well, they do. And I have some pics to show you how.

This is the Mama Onion
Here are her babies

I think this is an amazing plant and I just had to share. Although this is called an onion, it is NOT edible. I got this onion when it looked like one of the babies, about a year ago. It is so easy to take care of. I just potted it and watered it 1-2 times a week. No fertilizer required! It sits on my kitchen windowsill. Eventually, it will produce flowers, but for now...lots and lots of babies.

Would anyone be interested in having their own onion baby???

Jessi G.

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