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Friday, October 28, 2011

Proud mama of an Honor Roll Student :)

I went to an awards ceremony at my daughters school on Wednesday. All of the first graders were rounded up into the gym and students were being recognized for academics, attendance and other skills. I knew Dee Dee would be getting some kind of award, but I didn't know what it would be. (all I got was a letter in her backpack saying my child would be getting an award). Well, the principal started calling off names for the A-B Honor Roll and Dee Dee's name was not called. I was pretty surprised, and a bit upset, because I spoke with her teacher a couple weeks before and he said she was at the top of her class. Anyhow, the next list of names were the straight A Honor Roll students...they called her name!!! I can not even express how proud that made me...I was teary eyed, a bit shaky and overwhelmed with joy. Dee Dee is my first baby in school and this is all new to me. As I saw my baby girl walk up and get her award from the principal, I thought of my Grandmother, who recently passed. She was the one who raised me and she kept all of my awards and special school memorabilia. I know she is watching and she is proud as well.( We love you Grandma!)

Well, I just wanted to share a pic of my smart little girl. I am such a proud mama! Thank you for reading and God Bless!

Jessi G.

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  1. Isnt that such a proud momma moment? I remember the first time my son received an award! He won 1st place at his school science fair then 2nd at the county! Talk about a proud moment! Hes 13 now & in the 8th grade and has received countless awards for honor roll, science fair, perfect attendance and etc. So far this school year my proud mom moment was when he was hand picked to be in a special class of students that scored very high on the SATs! He is also in the Junior National Honor Society! So "Mom" this is the beginning of many proud moments for you! Enjoy them all and make a huge deal out of every one your child receives. Before you know it they will be 16 and asking for the keys to the car Saturday night!YIKES!!!!