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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Why Should You Choose Natural Beef? {Niman Ranch}

Compassionate family farmers raising animals with respect for the land.

At Niman Ranch, they believe in order for meat to be considered "natural", they must go beyond the USDA's definition.
The USDA's definition of "natural": The USDA does not define "natural" as being raised humanely and never being given antibiotics. Actually, many "natural" companies today utilize antibiotic withdrawal programs, meaning the animals ARE indeed given antibiotics, but are taken off them in time for the meat to test negative. Therefore, they are able to make the "no antibiotic" claim on their packaging. Does that bother anyone else besides me?
What "natural" means at Niman Ranch: The livestock at Niman Ranch are raised humanely, outdoors on pasture or in deeply bedded pens. They are fed a strictly vegetarian diet and are never given hormones or antibiotics-EVER!

Now, to answer the question "Why Should You Choose Niman Ranch Natural Products?"
I have heard some pretty disgusting things about the meat offered to us at mass production distributors(I will not name any in particular, but I am sure you have an idea where I am talking about). Cows are being given hormones to make them larger to produce more meat...appalling!
You don't find that kind of treatment at Niman Ranch. Angus cattle are born and raised in Idaho, Utah. Niman Ranch raises top quality breeds which make them the finest tasting meat. When you choose Niman Ranch all natural meats, not only are you purchasing some of the best tasting meats in the world, but you are also supporting U.S. family farmers, ranchers and their rural communities and supporting the highest animal care practices in the industries.
Niman Ranch offers a wide variety of meats and offers delivery straight to your doorstep. I personally, am a steak person, so I was attracted to their natural beef. Although I have never tried Niman Ranch products, I can tell by their reviews that their meat is savory and delicious. 
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To purchase Niman Ranch Natural Beef Products or for more information, please visit www.nimanranch.com.
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