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Monday, September 19, 2011

How do you "cloth wipe"?

As many of you know, I am a cloth diapering mama. I also use cloth wipes. I made my own wipes out of recycled receiving blankets and I also use some WAHM made wipes. When I first started using cloth wipes, I made a my own wipe solution with baby oil, baby soap and water. I wanted to try out some different options so I bought a couple batches from different companies. 

I would mix the solution and pour it onto about 10-12 wipes, into a disposable wipes container, which would usually last me a whole day. I found that to be quite expensive. One soap bit per day? Yea, that adds up.
I decided to use a spray bottle and spray the solution right onto BuBu's bum and wipe her with a dry cloth. I REALLY didn't like this method. Unless the wipe was wet enough, it would not "glide" over her bum and it was a hassle to get her clean. Even when I sprayed the wipe directly, it didn't work as well as I wanted it too.

Finally, I came up with a better way (in my opinion). Mix the solution, pour it into the wipe container and "dip" a clean wipe into the solution, squeeze the excess solution back into the container and wha-la...a nice, moist, great-for-cleaning-up wipe! I found that my solution lasts more than double the time it did when pouring it over a certain amount of wipes.

Now, my question is...How do YOU "cloth wipe"??? What brands of prepared solutions would you recommend?

I appreciate every who takes the time to comment. Your comments/suggestions mean more to me that you can imagine! :)

Thank you,
Jessi G.

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  1. We have a combinations of cloth wipes that I have won as well as baby wash cloths that we have decided to use as wipes. All we do is use a spray bottle with regular water in it and saturate the wipe with the water, then wipe our daughters booty. That seems to work wonderful for us. We won some Thirsties booty luster, but I haven't really used it much because I like regular water better.